UCI Bookstore

The UCI Bookstore, located in the UCI Student Center, stocks all required and recommended course books for classes taught at UCI. In addition, the Bookstore features an extensive selection of general and technical books, medical books, periodicals, computers, software, school supplies, UCI clothing and insignia items, and gifts and greeting cards. Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday; telephone (949) 824-BOOK; World Wide Web: Electronic inquiries and orders may be sent to

UCI Career Center

The UCI Career Center assists UCI students in career planning and decision making through workshops, individual counseling, employment opportunities, and internships. The Center also assists students and alumni seeking career employment opportunities; teaches job-search skills and interviewing techniques; provides career job listings and a full program of on-campus recruitment; and provides graduate and professional school information. Students may easily access all job listing using their student I.D. number via the Career Center's Web site at This site may be accessed through terminals located in the Center, from the many other on-campus terminals available to students, or via home Internet access. Vocational interest assessments are available on a fee-for-service basis.

The Center's Student Internship Program provides UCI students with opportunities to obtain career-related work experience in business, industry, and government. The Center also sponsors the UCDC and Sacramento Internship Programs which select UCI undergraduate and graduate students for internships (primarily in summer) in Washington, D.C., and Sacramento, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the activities that shape and implement the nation's future course.

The Center's Educational Career Services assist teaching credential candidates as well as master's and Ph.D. degree candidates who are seeking teaching, research, administrative, and counseling positions in education. The Center offers an automated letter of recommendation service that allows for the storage of letters of recommendation for graduate students who are seeking employment in higher education and undergraduates who plan to apply to graduate and professional programs. This service is available for a fee. For more information, call (949) 824-6883.

In addition, the Center offers services and programs to meet specialized needs of specific student populations, including the disabled, women, culturally diverse and disadvantaged students, and returning students. Additional information is available from the Center; telephone (949) 824-6881.

Child Care Services

Child Care Services includes six Centers offering programs for children from three months to 12 years of age. The programs are open to children of UCI students, faculty, and staff, with priority enrollment and tuition subsidy available to students at three of the Centers. Information may be obtained by telephoning (949) 824-2100; World Wide Web:

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is the primary counseling and mental health service for the University community. The Center offers a variety of programs through which students can learn cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills which will enable them to function more effectively in an educational environment. Individual, group, couple, and family psychotherapy are available to all students, as well as crisis intervention services when needed. Staff also provide students with a wide range of workshops and academic courses related to learning and interpersonal issues including stress reduction, assertiveness, coping with depression, human sexuality, cross-cultural interaction, and intimacy and friendships. Staff psychologists train student group leaders, student interns, resident assistants, peer academic advisors, and administrative personnel on topics including stress management, communication, listening, leadership, group dynamics, and crisis intervention skills. The Center's services are free of charge to currently enrolled students. The Counseling Center is located on the second floor of Student Services I; telephone (949) 824-6457; World Wide Web:

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students, located in the UCI Student Center, offers a diversity of student services and programs which complement and enrich the educational and out-of-class life of UCI students. This is achieved through the provision of a comprehensive range of cultural, social, and intellectual opportunities which promote student learning and development. Additional information is available from the Office; telephone (949) 824-5181; e-mail:; World Wide Web:


The central office of the Dean of Students houses a number of services. More than 300 clubs and organizations with a combined membership exceeding 15,000 students encompass a wide range of interests including academic, environmental, faculty/staff, multicultural, political, recreational, religious, service, social, and sports. World Wide Web:

UCI's Greek community includes 40 sororities and fraternities with over 1,600 members. Programs include membership recruitment, New Member Education Conference, Greek Songfest, Greek Week, and Order of Omega Greek Awards Night. Many of UCI's fraternities and sororities maintain houses in Arroyo Vista, UCI's theme house community. World Wide Web:

The UCI Volunteer Center is a one-stop service center for students who are interested in volunteer community service assignments. Programs include Volunteer Placements, Volunteer Projects, and the Community Service Funding Board. One of the Center's primary resources is the Volunteer Connection Interactive Kiosk, which provides online access to a complete database with up-to-date information on volunteer opportunities, both on and off campus. For additional information telephone (949) 824-3500; World Wide Web:

The Office of the Dean of Students provides services for veterans. Housed within its central office, Veterans Services emphasizes support services for veteran students and eligible dependents of veterans. Assistance includes benefit certification, work-study, and orientation and outreach programs. Telephone (949) 824-6477 for additional information.

To assist students in becoming more effective leaders, the Office of the Dean of Students offers a variety of leadership programs and opportunities. The All-University Leadership Conference is the cornerstone of UCI's leadership offerings. This annual weekend program occurs off campus and involves more than 225 emerging and established student leaders representing the full diversity of campus interest groups. The Winter Leadership Symposium is a mid-year on-campus program that explores leadership issues relevant to club and organizational leaders. Passport for the 21st Century seminars provide a pathway for students who are interested in maximizing their potential as leaders. More than 35 seminars are offered annually. Topics range from leadership and diversity to effective communication and event planning. For those interested, the option is available to acquire a UCI Leadership Certificate. Information about leadership development programs is available from the Dean of Students Office and on the World Wide Web at

The Undergraduate Administrative Intern Program provides participating students with administrative and leadership experience designed to develop personal and professional skills as well as to increase their knowledge of complex organizational structures. Approximately 20 students annually are assigned to campus administrative departments where they develop programs and projects. Academic credit is earned through participation in a weekly seminar entitled Administrative Internship (Management 198A, B, C; 4 units per quarter for a maximum of 12 units). Information is available from the Office of the Dean of Students; telephone (949) 824-5182.

The University Affairs for Credit Course (1A-B-C) offers students an opportunity to work on campus projects with a University department to enrich their academic growth and development as well as the academic growth and development of UCI. Each student spends a minimum of 30 hours per quarter working on a proposed project under the supervision of a designated faculty or staff member. Students are required to write a five-page paper at the end of the course addressing the following: (1) description of the experience or project; (2) the impact of the experience or project upon the campus; and (3) the effectiveness (personally and externally) of the experience or project. Students may enroll in University Affairs for Credit for a maximum of three times (or 3.9 units), and the course is graded Pass/Not Pass only.

New Student Programs provides assistance and information to students who are in the process of transitioning to UCI from high school or transferring from another college and coordinates a variety of orientation programs. New Student Programs is located in the Office of the Dean of Students; telephone (949) 824-5182.

The Office of the Dean of Students also is responsible for the campuswide administration of student discipline. Information is provided in the Student Handbook and Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students, which is available from the Office of the Dean of Students; telephone (949) 824-5590; World Wide Web:

A variety of other programs including the Welcome Week Fair, College Bowl Tournament, and Student Organization Recognition Night are coordinated through the Office. Additional information about any of these programs is available from the Office; telephone (949) 824-5181; World Wide Web:


The Office of the Dean of Students provides support for a number of campus resource centers.

The Cross-Cultural Center (CCC), established at UCI in 1974, was the first multicultural center instituted at any of the UC campuses. CCC offers a friendly atmosphere and supportive environment for UCI's diverse student body. It provides meeting space and serves as "home base" for more than 70 registered multicultural organizations. Center facilities include a conference room for group meetings, a lounge for socializing, a study room, and a computer work station. The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Symposium and the Rainbow Festival and Conference, both three-day programs that recognize and reinforce UCI's commitment to ethnic diversity, are major programs administered by CCC. The Center also supports a variety of annual special events such as African Consciousness Quarter, Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, Mez de la Raza, American Indian Culture Days, and Pilipino American History Month. In addition, CCC sponsors a Faculty-in-Residence Program and Faculty Colloquium designed to support the educational, cultural, and leadership development of UCI's ethnic and culturally diverse students. Involvement opportunities include the Reaffirming Ethnic Awareness and Community Harmony (R.E.A.C.H.) Program, Intern Program, and Volunteer Program. Additional information is available at the Center; telephone (949) 824-7215; World Wide Web:

The Disability Services Center offers students with disabilities opportunities to participate in the academic community at UCI. Students with varying disabilities, including those with mobility, visual, hearing, and learning disabilities, and chronic health problems, may be eligible for reasonable disability accommodations through this program. Staff assist students from the point of their admission to UCI through graduation. Specialized services may include testing accommodations, priority registration, document conversion, adaptive equipment, readers, notetakers, interpreters, captionists, liaisons with faculty and campus departments, disability parking, and information regarding disability legal rights in the university setting. A Center Computing Lab provides adaptive computer technology and training. There is no cost to the student for the support services or accommodations provided by the Disability Services Center. Students are responsible for fully acquainting themselves with the detailed procedures for use of accommodations. These procedures are available on the Center's Web site.

Students with disabilities may qualify for reasonable accommodations based on disability-related needs. Students must provide appropriate documentation about their disabilities to the Center. Documentation provided to the Center is confidential. It is the responsibility of the applicant or student to provide this documentation and, if necessary, to cover the cost for such documentation. This includes the cost for professional assessments for such disabilities as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and psychiatric disabilities. Contact the Center for more information about disability documentation requirements. In some cases there is need for recent or very detailed documentation about the disability. UCI reserves the right to determine the most effective and timely accommodations after consultation with the student about the disability and previous use of accommodations. The provision or use of a disability accommodation does not guarantee or ensure a certain level of achievement for the student. Students with disabilities must meet the same academic standards as all other students. Some academic accommodations may require approval of the chair or dean of the student's academic unit.

Students with disabilities who need accommodations (in particular, reading assistance, textbook conversion including e-text and Braille, American Sign Language interpreting services, real-time captioning services, and adaptive computing technology in campus laboratories) that must be planned or arranged in advance of the start of classes should contact the Disability Services Center as quickly as possible after admission to UCI. Failure to do so may delay or in some cases preclude the Center's ability to provide certain accommodations. This advance notice also allows the Center to document needs, discuss service procedures and student responsibilities, and determine the appropriate accommodations.

The Disability Services Center is located next to the Humanities Trailer Complex; telephone (949) 824-7494 (voice), 824-6272 (TDD); e-mail:; World Wide Web:

The International Center provides services such as assistance with visa and immigration forms and the interpretation of government regulations to international students, permanent residents, refugees, international faculty members and scholars, and their families. The staff provides information about housing, tutoring, orientation, registration, financial aid, student activities, and referrals to other campus support services as necessary; for additional information telephone (949) 824-7249; World Wide Web:

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center's (LGBTRC) mission is to ensure a safe and hospitable campus for UCI's diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally communities. LGBTRC provides programs, support services, and resources intended to raise awareness regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues, to eliminate heterosexism and gender identity oppression, and to support the academic mission of the university. LGBTRC provides peer counseling, information and referral to campus and community resources, and leadership training and volunteer opportunities. The Center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located in Gateway Commons facing Aldrich Park; telephone (949) 824-3277; e-mail:; World Wide Web:

The Center for Women and Men offers programs to raise awareness of gender issues for women and men and to promote gender equity. Programs include classes, seminars, and workshops on topics such as gender role development, sexuality and intimate partner violence, gender and cultural differences, and sexual assault awareness. Services include book and video libraries, the Campus Assault Resource Program, and referral to services in the community. The Center is on the ground floor of Gateway Commons across from Langson Library; telephone (949) 824-6000; e-mail:; World Wide Web:

Health Education Center

The Health Education Center promotes healthy lifestyle choices through education, leadership opportunities, and campus programming. Students can consult with experts in sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, stress management, tobacco cessation, and nutrition. The Center offers a wide array of printed resources and videos. It also offers several courses, in partnership with the School of Social Ecology, including a survey course called Health Education for University Life. Students interested in health-related leadership opportunities can serve as Peer Health Educators (a three-quarter academic series). The Health Education Center is located in the UCI Student Center; telephone (949) 824-9355 (UCI-WELL); World Wide Web:; e-mail: Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.



Housing Administrative Services coordinates application procedures and contracts for on-campus housing. Approximately 30 percent of UCI's student body is housed on campus. For more information, including housing rates for the 2004-05 academic year, visit Rates are subject to change.

Undergraduate Housing

Approximately 3,300 undergraduates live in UCI's two residence hall communities--Mesa Court and Middle Earth--which are within walking distance from the center of campus. Each community houses single undergraduates who are primarily freshmen between 17 and 20 years of age. The communities are composed of clusters of small, mostly coed buildings housing 52-75 residents in suite-style layouts. Student rooms feature Ethernet connections to UCI's campus network, e-mail, and the Internet. Each hall has group study rooms, a living room for meetings or informal gatherings, a small kitchen, and coin-operated laundry facilities. Both communities offer recreation rooms with video games, TV, and game tables; fitness rooms, volleyball, and basketball courts; and staffed computer labs.

Mesa Court and Middle Earth have complete food service and dining commons. Students who live in the residence halls participate in prepaid 10-, 14-, or 19-meal-per-week plans. Meals are served cafeteria-style three times daily on weekdays (brunch and dinner on weekends), and the menu offers a wide selection of food. A registered dietician is available to assist students with dietary needs. The halls close during the winter recess, and although they remain open during the Thanksgiving holiday and the spring recess, no meals are served.

Both Mesa Court and Middle Earth maintain a comprehensive residence life program, designed to help freshmen transition to college. Each hall has a live-in Resident Advisor who provides resources and support to freshmen residents. In each community, special interest halls or hall clusters provide educational programs and informal opportunities to get together with other students who hold similar interests. Community-wide social programs are also offered.

Rates for the 2003-04 academic year (late September through mid-June) were $9,400-9,550 for a single room, $8,200-8,350 for a double room, and $7,180-7,330 for a triple room. Charges are paid in quarterly payments. Rates for 2004-05 will reflect an increase.

Campus Village, an apartment community for continuing students who are single undergraduates under the age of 25, offers 200 two-bedroom apartments, housing four students each. Most units are furnished; all include a bathroom, carpeting, draperies, a stove, and a refrigerator. All apartments provide Ethernet connections to the campus network, e-mail, and the Internet. The Campus Village Community Center offers a variety of facilities and programs including a fitness center, recreation rooms, study rooms, and a computer lab with Internet access. Rates for the 2003-04 academic year, including utilities, were $3,226 per student for an unfurnished apartment and $3,611 per student for a furnished apartment. Campus Village also offers year-long (12-month) contracts. Rates for this option in 2003-04 were $4,248 per student for an unfurnished apartment and $4,753 per student for a furnished apartment. These rates also include utilities and reservation fees. Rates for 2004-05 will reflect an increase.

Arroyo Vista is a community of 40 academic theme, fraternity, and sorority chapter houses for single undergraduates under the age of 25. Each house accommodates 16, 24, or 32 residents in furnished, double-occupancy rooms (bed, desk, and wardrobe closet for each resident). Residents share bathroom facilities on each floor, a spacious living room with fireplace, a study room, a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and microwaves, and laundry facilities. Through UCI's Residential Network Computing access (ResNet), all bedrooms in Arroyo Vista feature Ethernet connections to the campus network, e-mail, and the Internet. Students within each house make their own meal arrangements, choosing to cook for themselves or to purchase meal plans at UCI's residential dining facilities.

More than two-thirds of the houses are designated Academic Theme Houses, which are sponsored by academic programs and offer educational programs that advance both a student's academic interests and overall University experience. The rate for the 2003-04 academic year was $3,680 for a double-occupancy room. Rates for 2004-05 will reflect an increase. A meal plan is not provided in the contract, but may be purchased separately through the Residential Dining Office,

The remaining houses are available to fraternity and sorority chapter organizations; consult individual Greek chapters for information.

Graduate/Family Housing

Two on-campus apartment communities serve full-time, registered graduate students, and students who are married, single parents, or who are single and 25 years of age or older. Verano Place offers 862 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. The majority are unfurnished, and all have carpeting, draperies, a stove, and a refrigerator. They are attractive and considerably lower in rent than comparable units in the local communities. Monthly rents for 2003-04 ranged from $350-405 for single students sharing an apartment and from $650-810 for families. Rates for 2004-05 will reflect an increase.

Palo Verde apartments are three- and four-story buildings in a setting of landscaped courtyards and pathways. The 528-unit complex is for full-time graduate students (single students and those with families). Monthly rents for 2003-04 ranged from $467-500 for single students sharing an apartment and from $820-1,400 for families. Rates for 2004-05 will reflect an increase.

To Apply

Housing information and application instructions are available online at Undergraduates apply for housing online when they submit their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools. Graduate applicants can also find housing information and an application online at, and they will receive information by mail if they request it on their Application for Graduate Admission. A $20 nonrefundable processing fee must accompany the housing application when it is submitted. To request housing application materials, call the Housing Office at (949) 824-7247 or send e-mail to

One year of on-campus housing is guaranteed to all freshmen and transfer undergraduate students who are single, under the age of 25, enrolling for fall quarter, and who meet the housing application and contract deadlines. To qualify for this guarantee, students must apply for housing and submit their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by the stated deadlines: May 1, 2005 for freshmen, and June 1, 2005 for transfer students. Applications received after these dates will be handled in the order received, as space becomes available.

Alternative Housing on the UCI Campus

Opening fall 2004, Vista del Campo Apartments--a privately owned and managed community--will offer furnished apartments with individual leases for senior, junior, and sophomore students and graduate students. Visit or call (949) 824-0900 for more information.


Services are available to assist students looking for off-campus housing. The Living Around UCI guide contains a wealth of information about housing options in Irvine and other nearby communities, as well as a local directory for shopping, banking, utility companies, and other services. Students are encouraged to visit the Housing Office, located in 209 Administration Building, where off-campus housing listings and roommate listings are available. For more information, contact a Housing Advisor at (949) 824-7247, send e-mail to, or visit


Meal plans are available to students who commute or who live in any of UCI's on-campus communities. The 19-meal plan provides three meals per day, Monday through Friday, and two meals per day (brunch and dinner) on weekends. The 10- and 14-meal plans can be used as each student chooses throughout the week. In addition to these meal plan options, students who live off campus and wish to have occasional meals in the residential dining facilities may choose to purchase a 5- or 10-meal plan or a punch card (one punch for breakfast, two punches for lunch/brunch, and three punches for dinner). Optional meal plans and punch cards are for use in the Mesa Commons and Pippin dining areas only.

For more information, visit or call the Residential Dining Services Office at (949) 824-4182.

UCI Student Center

The UCI Student Center is the destination for anyone at UCI who is looking for a place to study, use one of the many public access computers located throughout the building, relax, be entertained, pick up a bite to eat, or shop for books and flowers. The Center has numerous meeting rooms and lounges including those for quiet study, group study, recreation, music listening, and television viewing. Eating establishments include the Cornerstone Café, 'Eaters Food Court (Rice Garden, Subway, Chicago Chicago Pizza & Pasta, Kikka Sushi, and Carl's Jr.), and the Anthill Pub and Grille.

The UCI Student Center is entering an exciting expansion period. Construction begins during summer 2004, with an anticipated completion date of fall 2006. However, it will be business as usual, with the majority of meeting rooms and services available during the first year of construction to service the meeting, gathering, and dining needs of UCI students. For updates, access the UCI Student Center Web site at For additional information and hours of operation call (949) 824-2419.

Student Government


All UCI undergraduate students are members of the Associated Students, better known as ASUCI. ASUCI is the student representative body that advocates to and is liaison between the UCI administration, faculty, and staff.

ASUCI is comprised of three branches of government: the Executive Officers (five elected at-large members), Legislative Council (15 elected members), and the Judicial Board (seven appointed members). Guided by their constitution and bylaws, these student representatives manage the $18 per student quarterly fee that supports student life activities, advocacy programs, publications/communication, and professional support staff as well as essential campus services.

The Student Government offices can be contacted by phone at (949) 824-5547; e-mail:; World Wide Web:

ASUCI Student Life Activities include the annual Welcome Week Dance, Octoberfest, Homecoming, and Wayzgoose and Reggae festivals. Weekly events include such programs as noon shows, major concerts, comedy nights, and preview movie screenings. In cooperation with ASUCI's award-winning yearbook publication, events such as Senior Information Day, Senior Portraits, and Senior Class Picnic are held annually.

ASUCI Advocacy programs include Elections (campus and local), External Affairs, College Legal Clinic, Student Recommended Faculty Program, Campus Safety, and the Visions leadership and internship seminar course (1.3 units).

ASUCI Publications/Communication includes the Columbia Press Association Award-winning UCI Yearbook Anthology, and the ASUCI Web site at, which is a great source of information about the organization.

ASUCI Services include:

Club and Organization Accounting: The ASUCI Business Office provides banking and accounting services to registered campus organizations.

Express Shuttle: This full-service bus system, founded in 1987, provides bus transportation throughout the city of Irvine from various apartments with high concentration of students directly to UCI. In addition, on-campus shuttles transport students to various key locations around UCI. Schedules and shuttle passes are available in ASUCI, or call (949) 824-5547 for more information.

UCItems and UCI Photo ID: UCItems is the campus specialty store featuring UCI and Greek apparel, custom silkscreening, banners, awards, and special promotions that include discount tickets to Edwards/Regal cinema, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain, Sea World, Knott's Berry Farm, and more. UCItems is also the place where the official UCI Photo ID cards are issued. The store is located in the Student Center and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; telephone (949) 824-7555.


All graduate and professional school students are members of the Associated Graduate Students (AGS). AGS promotes and provides for the distinct needs and priorities of graduate students, and functions as a liaison between graduate students and the UCI administration, faculty, and staff by addressing concerns and working to resolve grievances. Call AGS at (949) 824-6351 for information.

AGS provides graduate students with numerous student-operated services including social and cultural events of benefit to the graduate community. It sets aside funds each year to be used specifically for graduate student development, academic unit services, and special projects. These funds are allocated on a rolling basis to petitioning clubs and organizations on campus.

In partnership with the UCI Student Center, AGS also operates the Anthill Pub & Grille which offers food, beverages, and live entertainment at student-friendly prices.

The AGS Council nominates graduate students for positions on UCI administrative, Academic Senate, and ad hoc committees, and UC Office of the President committees. AGS representatives work with the UC Student Association and other campus organizations to advocate policies supportive of students and vital to the social needs of the community at large.


The Associated Medical Students (AMS) Council, along with the AGS Council, represents the medical student body in all matters relating to the UCI campus, the UC Office of the President, and the community. Medical students are members of AGS and have access to those services. In addition, AMS utilizes a portion of the quarterly AGS fee to provide funding for medical student activities that benefit the College of Medicine community.


The GSMSA Council, along with the AGS Council, represents the graduate Management student body in all matters relating to the UCI campus, the UC Office of the President, and the community. Graduate Management students are members of AGS and have access to those services. In addition, GSMSA uses a portion of the quarterly AGS fee to provide funding for Management student activities that benefit the Graduate School of Management community.

Student Health Center

All fully registered students and students approved for part-time study are eligible to access services at the Student Health Center, located at the corner of East Peltason and Pereira Drive. Facilities and services include outpatient clinics staffed by certified, licensed medical professionals; nurses with expertise in college health; a clinical laboratory; radiology; and a pharmacy. General medical clinics are held from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic year and are available by appointment or on an urgent-care basis. Specialty clinics are held at variously scheduled times by appointment and include optometry, dental, mental health, dermatology, gynecology, women's health, men's health, orthopaedics/sports medicine, ear/nose/throat, and minor surgery. A nurse clinic is available to provide immunizations, health screening, and basic health education.

Health care services are available beginning on the first day of Welcome Week in the fall and continuing through the last day of finals week in June. Basic services continue in the summer as well. All students are encouraged to submit an updated physical examination record to Student Health (see Physical Examination and Health Clearance, below). All students pay affordable fees for their clinic visits, laboratory, medication, x-rays, surgical procedures, and eye, dental, and mental health visits. Students may submit a claim to their insurance plans for reimbursement. Services at Student Health are affordable, and fees are generally lower than those of comparable services in the community. Payment plans may be arranged. Medical history and physical examination packets are mailed to new and readmitted students as their names become available to the Student Health Center. Medical students receive their packets from the College of Medicine Admissions Office. International students' packets are mailed by the Office of International Services with their initial registration forms.

All undergraduate, graduate, and medical students are required to carry adequate health insurance. Those students who have private insurance which is equal or superior to the policy provided through the University may be eligible to have the mandatory fee waived. Additional information is available in the Expenses and Fees section of this Catalogue and from the Student Health Insurance Coordinator; telephone (949) 824-7093 for undergraduates, (949) 824-2388 for graduate students.

Physical Examination and Health Clearance. All new students and students returning to UCI after an absence of two or more quarters are required to file a completed medical history, proof of tuberculosis screening, and proof of mandatory immunizations with the Student Health Center. All students are strongly encouraged to have a physical examination to screen for health problems. The examination may be performed by the student's own physician, but should be documented on the form provided by Student Health. The physical examination can also be performed at the Student Health Medical Clinic for a fee. Students transferring from another UC campus where their medical records are on file should have the records transferred to the UCI Student Health Center.

The Medical Clinics at Student Health Center provide as many services as possible at very affordable fees. Laboratory tests, x-rays, prescriptions, medical procedures, and supplies are priced very competitively, usually much lower than the fees charged in the community. Professional counseling, psychological, and psychiatric services are available through the Student Health's Mental Health Division for a fee; the cost varies based on the level of professional services provided. Eye and dental care are available on a fee-for-service basis to students and their spouses. Call (949) 824-5304 for an appointment.


In addition to the UCI General Catalogue, various publications available on campus provide information about academic programs, student activities and services, enrollment in classes, and specifics pertaining to the individual departments and schools. Some of these publications are described here. A variety of information about UCI is also available on the World Wide Web at

Schedule of Classes and Registration Information

The Schedule of Classes, also known as the Searchable Schedule of Classes and WebSOC, contains current class offerings including time, room, instructor, capacity, number enrolled and on the waitlist, Web links, status (open, waitlist, full), and more. Access the Schedule on the Registrar's Web site at

The Registrar's Web site also includes registration and related information such as quarterly calendars, final examination schedules, and the Academic Honesty policy. Because the Schedule is published quarterly, it and the Registrar's Web site are timely sources of information on new or changed policies, procedures, and fees that could not be included in the Catalogue because of the latter's annual publication schedule. The Schedule of Classes is available just prior to the beginning of each quarter's registration period (four weeks before the end of each quarter).

School and Departmental Announcements

Publications by schools and departments contain a wide assortment of academic information of immediate, timely interest to students. These publications can be obtained from the academic unit offices.

Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students

This booklet contains policies and procedures which govern aspects of student conduct and discipline; campus organizations; the use of University facilities; and time, place, and manner of public expression for which the University is required to implement campus regulations. The booklet is available in the Office of the Dean of Students and on the World Wide Web at

UCI Student Handbook

The UCI Student Handbook is available on the World Wide Web at A handy resource guide to UCI, it contains a broad spectrum of information for students, ranging from how to obtain a leave of absence to jobs to suggestions for amusement or involvement.

Student-Produced Media

UCI students publish the weekly campus newspaper entitled the New University; operate a radio station, KUCI (88.9 FM); and produce Anthology, the UCI yearbook.


UCI.EDU, published three times yearly, features stories and photography representing UCI's teaching, research, and public service activities, along with links to related information on the Communications Office Web site (http//

UCI News

UCI News, a monthly newspaper, features information on campus research, programs, events, and people, plus a calendar of upcoming events.


Today@UCI (http// is UCI's online daily newspaper, featuring the latest news; a comprehensive calendar of campus events; profiles of faculty, alumni, and students; and a variety of resources and links for the campus community.


UCI.Brief is a weekly electronic newsletter for faculty and staff featuring news, announcements, involvement opportunities, and work/life information.

Chancellor's Web Site

Chancellor Cicerone's Web site ( features biographical information, downloadable photos, current campus initiatives, and other items of broad internal and external interest.

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