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2009-10 General Catalogue


The online Catalogue is an archival document and will not reflect changes that may take place during the period between publication dates.
About this Catalogue


From the Chancellor; UCI Academic Senate Distinguished Faculty

The University of California and the Irvine Campus
Academic Goals;
Academic Structure;
Equal Opportunity and Diversity;
University Ombudsman;
The Campus Setting;
University Advancement;
University Communications

Instructional and Research Facilities
UCI Libraries;
Network and Academic Computing Services;
UCI Ecological Preserve;
Natural Reserve System;
UCI Arboretum;
Laser Microbeam and Medical Program;
University of California, Irvine HealthCare;
UCI Center for Occupational and Environmental Health;
Additional Facilities


Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools; Campus Tours; How to Use the Catalogue

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees and Areas of Study

Majors and Careers

Special Programs
Access UCI and Summer Session Enrollment;
Educational Opportunity Program;
Center for Educational Partnerships;
Student Academic Advancement Services;
Graduate Diversity Programs;
Medical Student Support Programs

Expenses and Fees
Estimated Expenses;
Special Fee Programs, Waivers, and Exemptions;
California Residence and Nonresident Tuition;
Fee Refunds

Financial Aid
Scholarships; Grants; Loans;
Federal College Work-Study;
Aid for Students with Disabilities;
Student Employment

Undergraduate Admissions
Part I: Categories of Application; Admission as a Freshman Applicant

Part II: Admission as a Transfer Applicant; Nonresident Admission Requirements

Part III: Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Credit; Application Procedures


Orientation; Division of Undergraduate Education
Academic Advising;
Undecided/Undeclared Students;
University Studies Courses;
First-Year Integrated Program;
Placement Testing;
UC Analytical Writing Placement Examination;
Learning and Academic Resource Center;
Student Academic Advancement Services;
Transfer Student Services;
Honors Opportunities;
Scholarship Opportunities Program;
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program;
UCDC Academic Internship Program;
UC Center Sacramento Scholar Intern Program;
Teaching, Learning & Technology Center;
Classroom Technology Support;
Center for International Education

Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree
Catalogue Rights;
University Requirements;
UCI Requirements;
General Education Requirement;
School, Departmental, and Major Requirements;
Minor Programs;
Application for Graduation

Information for Transfer Students: Fulfilling Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree
Transfer Students: Completion of the UCI General Education Requirement;
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum;
Transferability of Credit

Registration and Other Procedures
Schedule of Classes and Registration Information;
Registration Procedures;
Change of Class Enrollment;
Withdrawal from the University;
Lapse of Status;
Enrollment at Other Institutions;
Enrollment at UC Irvine Extension (ACCESS UCI);
Change of Major;
Transcripts and Verifications;

Academic Regulations and Procedures
Grading System;
Satisfaction of the Writing Requirement;
Credit by Examination;
Independent Study;
Final Examinations;
Declaration of Major;
Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements;
Graduate Scholarship Requirements;
Credits from Other Institutions or University Extension

Supplementary Educational Programs
Summer Session;
UC Irvine Extension;

Life on Campus
Student-Produced Media;
UCI Bookstore;
UCI Career Center;
Child Care Services;
Counseling Center;
Campus Assault Resources and Education;
Campus Recreation;
Dean of Students;
Health Education Center;
UCI Dining & Catering;
UCI Student Center;
Student Government;
Student Health Center

Intercollegiate Athletics


Special Research Programs;
Organized Research Units;
Campus Centers


Graduate Student Information
Admission to Graduate Standing;
Application Procedures;
Required Supporting Documents;
Admission and Registration;
Academic Advising;
Academic Policies;
Graduate Degrees;
Financial Assistance for Graduate Students


Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Studio Art

School of Biological Sciences
Developmental and Cell Biology;
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology;
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry;
Neurobiology and Behavior;
Anatomy and Neurobiology;
Biological Chemistry;
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics;
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine;
Physiology and Biophysics

The Paul Merage School of Business
Undergraduate Programs;
Graduate Programs

Department of Education
Teaching and Service Credential Programs;
Graduate Degree Programs

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering;
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science;
Civil and Environmental Engineering;
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science;
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

School of Humanities
African American Studies;
Art History;
Asian American Studies;
Comparative Literature;
Culture and Theory;
East Asian Languages and Literatures;
European Studies;
Film and Media Studies;
French and Italian;
Global Cultures;
Humanities and Arts;
Special Programs;
Religious Studies;
Russian Studies;
Spanish and Portuguese;
Visual Studies;
Women's Studies

Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
Computer Science;

Interdisciplinary Studies
Undergraduate Study:
Business Information Management;
Computer Science and Engineering;
Civic and Community Engagement;
Global Sustainability;
History and Philosophy of Science;
Native American Studies

Graduate Study:
Networked Systems;
Transportation Science

School of Law

School of Physical Sciences
Earth System Science;
Physics and Astronomy

School of Social Ecology
Criminology, Law and Society;
Environmental Health, Science, and Policy;
Planning, Policy, and Design;
Psychology and Social Behavior;
Graduate Programs

School of Social Sciences
Chicano/Latino Studies;
Cognitive Sciences;
International Studies;
Logic and Philosophy of Science;
Political Science;
Undergraduate Major in Social Science;
Graduate Program in Social Science

College of Health Sciences
Nursing Science;
Pharmaceutical Sciences;
Public Health;
School of Medicine;
Postgraduate Educational Programs;
Graduate Academic Programs

University Administration;
Faculty Distinctions;
Academic Honesty;
Principles, Policies, and Other Information

About This Catalogue

The UCI General Catalogue is published annually in July by the University of California, Irvine, University Editor's Office, 435 Aldrich Hall, Irvine, CA 92697-1010.

The 2009-10 UCI General Catalogue, Volume 43, constitutes the University of California, Irvine's document of record. While every effort is made to ensure the correctness and timeliness of information contained in the Catalogue, the University cannot guarantee its accuracy. Changes may occur, for example, in course descriptions; teaching and administrative staff; curriculum, degree, and graduation requirements; and fee information. Contact the individual department, school, program, or administrative office for further information.

The online Catalogue is an archival document and will not reflect changes that may take place during the period between publication dates.